Prague 5

Celebration of 100th anniversary of founding of Czechoslovakia in Prague 5.


Celebration of 100th anniversary of founding of Czechoslovakia in Loukovec.


Celebration of 100 years from establishment of Czechoslovakia in Přestanov.

Stružná village

Celebration of 640th anniversary of Stružná village, 140 years of fire brigade and 100 years of Czechoslovakia.

EvoBus Holýšov

We are happy and proud that our time capsule has been used by EvoBus belonging under Daimler AG.

Time capsule burial

Time capsule in the attic

To put the time capsule to the attick is not bad idea. Why? Do you remember the stories about old forgotten cars that were found somewhere in a barn?

It is the same with things in the attick. You put it there and it takes long long time till somebody find it. And that is exactly what you want, right?


They were making restoration of the chapel in Svepravice.

What do you think will be in the attick of the chapel?

Yes exactly šotek & sirsch time capsule. We are proud.


There were really great celebrations of 700 years of Humenne city.

Even Alphaville, the German band, had a concert here.

We are very happy that we had the honor to make  the time capsule for Humenne.

Elementary school Alapiskola Batka

Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the school.

Our time capsule should stay in the ground for next  50 years.

Time capsule to the 650th anniversary of Světnov

Celebration of this anniversary was great and our time capsule had a place of honor there.

The capsule will be placed into the village chapel. In the capsule will be newspapers from the celebration of the anniversary and some documents and photographs.

The child birth

This time capsule has been made for Tomik - son of Tomáš and Markéta.

Inside will be grandfathers liquor, some pictures and memories.