Do you prepare celebrations of anniversary of your town, school or your company? Are you building new house or a factory and would like to leave a message for future generations?  Do you want to give a present to somebodys birthday or to birth of a child?

Can you imagine that during reconstruction of your old house or while you are digging on your garden you discover something that you couldn´t even imagine? For example a message from your ancestors when they built the house. Kind of message can be a home made liquor digged in the garden by your father as a memory on your birth. What kind of feeling is it, what you think? 

Try to surprise and gladden someone who didn´t even born yet. To the time capsule you can put pictures from building of your house, pictures of your family, newspapers from the day when your child was born. Or documents related to your village.

Bury your time capsule in the garden, expose in the town hall, seal of to the chapel or place it in the attic. For sure there is many places where can be the time capsule placed for few years or centuries.